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CANINE FELINE was registered in 2008 to market their own branded JUST PAWS and JUST CLAWS soft vinyl nail caps for dogs and claw caps for cats. An idea that was first originated in the USA by a veterinarian: the idea was to blunt cats claws and dog nails,  to solve the very real problem of damage to furniture, fabrics and skin (theirs and yours) caused by sharp dog nails and equally sharp cat claws. Nail caps have the added benefit of protecting broken and damaged nails, avoiding infection and further damage. Since then other pet products have been added: a range of dog training leads, restraints and pet feeders designed for dry pet food.  Never lose another pet!  We have introduced a new GPS pet tracker, always know where your pet cat or dog is.  Some people living in apartment blocks and flats are not permitted to have dogs so a solution is to have a stuffed dog and there is no better range of soft plush stuffed dogs than those produced by Melissa and Doug the brand name of the leading American supplier of children's games and toys. An ideal gift for elderly or lonely people living alone, they would benefit by having a furry friend to pet and keep them company.